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ANZ Medical is a manufacturer and distributor of surgical products in Bangladesh . Founded in 2012 with a strong background , the company in short span has distribution offices in 7 major cities along sales and service center throughout Bangladesh . The headquarters is located in Dhaka .Equipment's and Instruments in surgery has been continuously changing , we have not only been able to keep up with the pace these changes and more importantly been able to ensure quality products at economical rates .ANZ Medical always ensuring a significant improvement of the patients quality of life.

ANZ Medical is a global importer of medical technologies designed to improve the health and quality of people lives . We always introduce purpose driven innovation and identifying unmet clinical needs-to benefit patients and healthcare providers . Our portfolio diverse , with solutions in the field of MIS and new technologies in the surgery .

ANZ Medical is a company that growing on shared values , with people at the center of all we do . Working together , these values allow us to produce outstanding products and services that genuinely make a difference to peoples' lives in Bangladesh
Our Mission
Become an innovative , highly trusted surgical products provider of clinically relevant medical devices market in Bangladesh 
Our vision
Improve The Health and Quality of Peoples' lives 

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